Daily Voice of Healing

Daily Voice of Healing
Loss of joy today (v. 34).

Worrying about tomorrow does not help either tomorrow or today. If anything, it robs us of our effectiveness today—which means we will be even less effective tomorrow. Someone has said that the average person is crucifying himself between two thieves: the regrets of yesterday and the worries about tomorrow. It is right to plan for the future and even to save for the future (2 Cor. 12:14; 1 Tim. 5:8). But it is a sin to worry about the future and permit tomorrow to rob today of its blessings.

Three words in this section point the way to victory over worry:
(1) faith (Matt. 6:30), trusting God to meet our needs
(2) Father (Matt. 6:32), knowing He cares for His children 
(3) first (Matt. 6:33), putting God’s will first in our lives so that He might be glorified.

If we have faith in our Father and put Him first, He will meet our needs.
Hypocrisy and anxiety are sins. If we practice the true righteousness of the kingdom, we will avoid these sins and live for God’s glory.

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